Alumni Success

Since our inception (June 2015) the goal has been to prepare underserved and underrepresent students for the future. While career opportunities in the STEAM fields are plentiful (i.e., coding, robotics, cybersecurity, AI and more), it’s the commitment to learning that elevates some students over others. We create pathways for success and are excited when our graduates pursue their academic careers at the college or university of their choice. Moreover, it is just as important when they return to our program, during holiday and summer camps, that they teach our students and share their experiences.

Below are a few stories from our alumni, highlighting their experiences while participating in STEAM:CODERS, along with lessons learned, as they move along their respective career paths. These are examples of what we have done and where we are headed, while in support of our students. A STEAM education is a game-changer. In their own words, our alumni will confirm this assertion.

Tyler Street

Tyler Street

When Tyler Street graduates in May, he will begin a job in wealth management at Goldman Sachs.

Street, 22, is a finance major at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and he’s earning a minor in accounting.

“Double the mathematics,” Street laughs.

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Amanda Wood

Amanda Wood

At 16, Amanda Wood is already a senior in high school. As she looks ahead to college next year, Wood wants to “combine the knowledge of different things I’ve learned over the years.” This includes biology, engineering, and coding.

She was interested in STEAM from a young age, and while still an elementary school student, her mom signed her up for STEAM:CODERS to gain some formal education and experience. And it definitely helped. When choosing classes in high school, Wood felt empowered to sign up for the engineering class because she was already familiar with the programs taught, so she wasn’t “put off by it.”

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