Photo Gallery

STEAM:CODERS enjoy a variety of experiences. The following images provide a sneak peak at some memorable events including a trip to Nickelodeon, classes at Caltech, FSHA and Techie Camps, a coding class at Washington Elementary and robotics at LaSalle.

STEAM:CODERS Washington Elementary 2022
STEAM:CODERS Techie Camp 2023
Washington Elementary and Steam:coders 2022
Nickelodeon hosts Steam:Coders 2023
STEAM:CODERS at Nickelodeon 2023
Nickelodeon Steam Coders Group 2023
LaSalle and Steam:Coders Event
Steamcoders Class 2023
STEAMCoders Friends 2019
Hand Up STEAMCoders 2019
2019 STEAMCoders Group
Backs of STEAMCoders 2019
STEAMCoders Assembly 2019
Steamcoders July 2023 Instruction
STEAMCoders Girl 2019
STEAMCoders Assemble
Steamcoders Class Notes
2019 STEAMCoders Student
July 2023 Steamcoders Learning
STEAM:CODERS 3D Printing May 2022