Tyler Street

Tyler Street

When Tyler Street graduates in May, he will begin a job in wealth management at Goldman Sachs.

Street, 22, is a finance major at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and he’s earning a minor in accounting.

“Double the mathematics,” Street laughs.

He dates his interest in mathematics back to his early days at STEAM:CODERS. He first started attending STEAM:CODERS programs in early elementary school and continued until he began high school. He always knew he wanted a future in STEAM, and the programs helped him figure out what his specific interests were.

“The possibilities are endless, and I found an interest in finance,” Street says. “I’ve loved it ever since, and I stuck with it.”

He especially cites STEAM:CODERS with helping him build a schedule and show from a young age that, if you regularly work at something, it builds motivation.

“STEAM:CODERS gave me a passion,” Street says. “Once you have a passion, you never want to stop until the work is done.”

For Street, a “humbling, full circle moment” came his freshman year of college when he had the opportunity to return to STEAM:CODERS as a volunteer helping to recruit donors.

“That’s a memory I’ll never forget,” Street says. “It went from me needing help to me being the one to help the people who helped me.”

Looking back, Street says if he told his elementary-aged self where he was now, he wouldn’t believe it. He credits STEAM:CODERS to being able to see the potential in you that you often can’t see in yourself. Street even gets excited by how many of his peers from the program have gone on to be successful in STEAM.

“Teaching people STEAM and making it engaging is hard, but they’ve done it for many kids,” Street says. “They bring that out of you, and that’s a gift.”